Event & Volunteer info

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Event & Races near Pemberton 2017/2018

December 3  Teck Coast Cup #1 (Callaghan Valley)

January 6-7  Teck BC Cup#1 & BC Winter Game Trials-Zone3.4.5 & Teck Coast Cup #2&3 (Callaghan Valley)

January 28  Teck Coast Cup #4 (Callaghan Valley)

February 4  Spud Valley Loppet (Pemberton more info TBA)

February 10-11  Teck Coast Cup #5 & #6 (Mt.Washington  hosted by Strathcona Nordics)

February 24  Sigge’s P’ayakentsut (Callaghan Valley)  www.payak.ca


Volunteer Info

We need volunteers in all areas to help local event such as Coast Cups & Spud Valley Loppet. No experience necessary! Please give us a hand while your kids are at events. You will not miss your kids racing. Here is how you can help;

Outside: Assist at the start and finish

Outside: Bib collectors at the finish line

Outside: Course marshals to ensure the course is kept clear for racers

In/outside: First aid attendants

In/outside: Food preparation / give out food to racers and volunteers

Outside: Parking attendants

Outside: Set up the course and/or stadium

Outside: Tear down the course and/or stadium