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Monday, January 7 – first on snow session


The first On-Snow Session will take place on Monday, January 7, 2019 from  3:15 to 4:30 at Nairn Park Campgrounds.


Before the first Monday On-Snow Session:

  • Have your child try on their skis, boots and poles to be sure that they fit (5 and 6 year olds do not need poles )
  • Be sure that the child knows how to put on and take off their skis
  • Label with permanent marker skis and poles with child’s name (there will be many pairs of poles and skis of the same brand, color and size)

On Mondays:

  • Come to Nairn Campground as soon as possible after school. Your goal should be to have your ‘rabbit’ with skis on, ready to go, and at their designated meeting spot by 3:30 The meeting place for the first session will be in the parking lot area near the storage trailer. Look for the signs.
  • Children should use the bathroom before coming to Nairn as there are only outside toilets at Nairn.
  • Children should wear a toque, dry mittens (not gloves), waterproof pants over jogging pants, warm long johns, or other comfortable fitting pants plus a light jacket over a warm fleece and a long sleeved t-shirt.  And of course, 1 or 2 pairs of dry socks inside their ski boots. Have your child put on a fresh pair of socks before putting on their ski boots.
  • ** I suggest that each child changes into a dry pair of socks and a dry pair of mittens (different from those worn to school that day) before heading to Nairn each Monday.
  • The clothing does not have to be exactly as described above but similar so that the children can move easily and quickly if necessary and yet stay warm and dry but not get too hot.
  • Remind your ‘rabbit’ to tie their ski boots well so that they will not come untied or the boots come off during the session.
  • BRING AN EMPTY WATER BOTTLE (with name) OR REUSABLE CUP TO EACH SESSION – necessary if rabbits want a drink with their snack at the end of the session.
  • “EARLY BIRDS GET TO PLAY” – any ‘rabbits’ who are ready to go before 3:30 will be able to join in a game which will take place right at the entrance to the ski trails.

When you arrive at Nairn:

  • Look for signs to tell you where to drop off your child, rather than driving close to the trails area to do so, as that will only block the way for others arriving.
  • ‘Rabbits’ should take equipment, water bottle and head to the refreshment area where they can leave their water bottle on the refreshment table before heading to the trails or games area.
  • Skis must be put on right at the beginning of the packed snow area to prevent footsteps messing up the groomed area.  Skiing through the parking lot is likely to damage the ski bottoms.
  • If game is still in session ‘rabbits’ should join in, if the games have ended skiers must hurry to their meeting spot to join their group and coach.  If they do not know exactly where to go they must check in with one of the adults at the refreshment table who will let them know where to go and depending on their age and familiarity with the site, lead them to their spot. (This meeting spot will be included in a separate email before the first January session.
  • All children will return to the parking lot before it gets dark so that they can have a snack and a drink before leaving.  If parents or designated pick-up adult is not there the child must stay in site of the parking lot until their ‘pick up’ arrives.
  • One of the coaches – usually myself -will stay until all ‘rabbits ‘ have been picked up.


If there is an alternate arrangement for your child’s pick up after one session please inform your child’s coach or me at the beginning of the session. Each coach will carry with them the contact info for each ‘rabbit’ in their group.  As well, the refreshment coordinator, and I will also have this info for each child.

Pick Up: Plan to meet your child somewhere near the refreshment area so that the area where skis are removed does not get too congested.  Check that your child has all their equipment in your vehicle before leaving.  I often find myself picking up skis, poles, toques and mittens off the snow before leaving each session.

Snacks: All ‘rabbit’ parents will be asked to contribute a snack for one of the sessions.  Our refreshment coordinator will be contacting you to arrange the date and the amount of your snack contribution.  Homemade healthy snacks that can be easily eaten “on-the-run” are best – muffins, cookies, squares etc.  Thank you.

Groups: The children will be put into groups roughly according to skill level and age.  There will be some changes made to the groupings after the first session or two as I do not know the skill level of the new rabbits. BE PREPARED AND READY FOR A LOT OF ACTION AND FUN.

Our club is run by volunteers, and there is always room for more.  Please let me know if you are available to volunteer on a regular basis or at least sometime during the season. Thank you to all our volunteers whose time and energy make the Spud Valley Nordic Programs possible:

  • Coaches, Groomers, Parent helpers, Board Members

First session – December 10th!

Less than a week until the start of Jackrabbits season!

First session is on December 10th, as soon as possible after 3pm at Nairn Falls. This will be a ‘dryland’ session: have kid(s) dressed for the weather, with boots/running shoes. No ski equipment necessary 😢
Bring a bottle/mug for juice or hot cocoa after the session.

**Registration is still open: . (search for Spud Valley)