Coast Cup#3 Unofficial Result

Teck Coast Cup #3 Unofficial Result

 Coast Cup #3 Start List

CC#3Great pictures from Randy Lincks!

Thank-you letter from Delores, to all the volunteers !

Dear Coast Cup # 3 Volunteers,

What a wonderful day of racing we had on Sunday at Whistler Olympic Park.

The success of this Coast Cup Team Sprint Event, which saw 134 skiers from 6 clubs sprinting over distances varying from 100 M for the youngest teams to 6000 m for the Open Men and Women, was due mainly to you, the 45 volunteers who worked from early morning to race end to make it all happen. The sunshine helped as well.

The stadium and the courses were setup so that they were not only effective and efficient, but they looked good as well. (Where were the Media crews?) Thank you Stadium and Course crews.

Thank you to the Race Office and Start/Finish crews.  You managed to have everything run smoothly, getting correct results out in a timely manner despite the many changes that were thrown at you throughout the day.

And the Food Crew – Thank you Squamish Nordics for taking on this enormous task of purchasing, transporting and serving food to almost 200 people through the day; and with leftovers ready to be gobbled up by the Spud Valley Jackrabbits after their Monday session.

A big thank you to Kaori, our volunteer coordinator, for all her work organizing and communicating with all the volunteers and for bagging all those spuds.

Thank you Dave, our first aid attendant. I am so glad that you did not have much to do.

A  Special Thank you goes out to Suki, from the Whistler Nordic Club, for all the assistance you gave to our organizing committee especially in getting the Race Notice out and setting up the online registration.

There are so many people who went ‘above and beyond’ what was expected of them just to make sure all would be ready, and that the day would run smoothly. Thank you.  It did go well.  So well that a number of people ask if we would be putting on this race every year.  What do you think?

I know that even when an event is successful there can be changes made that will make it even betterthe next time; so please get back to me with any suggestions you may have for improvements.

Thank you all.

It was a great pleasure for me to see people from so many different clubs and communities working together, sharing ideas, resources and equipment all for a common goal.

A job well done!

Now take some time for yourself and get out and ski.