Coast Cup #3 – Jan.18th, 2015

Spud Valley Nordics is hosting Coast Cup #3 on Sunday,  January 18th, 2015 at Whistler Olympic Park / Team Sprints ( Mad Dash for Atoms)

2105 CC#3 Start List

Coast Cup #3 2015 Race Notice UPDATED   2015 CC#3 Maps updated

Online Registration starts January 1, 2015 here 

Last day of registration January 14, 2015 ( No late entries) ***Registration is now CLOSED***

This race is designed to appeal to racers of all levels, from children and their parents just starting out, to advanced racers.

We will need many volunteers  in all areas to help make the day a success. Please sign up to volunteer here. We will contact you for more details by e-mail before the race.


Volunteer Details – What is outside/inside position? Do I get to see my kids racing ? 

We need volunteers in all areas to help both event. No experience necessary! Please give us a hand while your kids are at events. You will not miss your kids racing. Here is how you can help;

Outside: Assist at the start and finish

Outside: Bib collectors at the finish line

Outside: Course marshals to ensure the course is kept clear for racers

In/outside: First aid attendants

In/outside: Food preparation / give out food to racers and volunteers

Outside: Parking attendants

Outside: Set up the course and/or stadium

Outside: Tear down the course and/or stadium

Jackrabbit Monday, January 5th

Finally we have snow! Lots of snow! The session will be On-Ski from 3:15 ( right after school ends) to 4:30. Pick-up time is between 4:30-4:40.

When you (rabbits) get to the park put your water bottle at the drink table & find your name on the large notice board there. Have fun at the first session on snow!


First Jackrabbit this Monday (Dec.8th)3:30-4:15!

Welcome to the start of another Spud Valley Jackrabbit season.  This coming Monday, December 8th will be the first session at Nairn Falls Campground. It is a no- ski session. There will be an hour of fun activities but without ski equipment.

Kids need to be dressed for an hour outside, no matter what the weather and must bring an empty water bottle or reusable cup with their name on it.  Please plan  to pick up your child (children) at 4:15. 

If you did not receive an email about first session, please notify Delores by sending e-mail